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Tonneau Covers


The original RetraxONE is a sturdy, stylish way to make your truck one of a kind.

The RetraxONE retractable pickup bed cover is manufactured from polycarbonate, a durable thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN®. This low-profile design incorporates a front cover that is flush with the truck bed cover, which streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help to keep the truck bed dry. This rigid, one-piece sheet is engineered to retract without joints or hinges that can trap dust, wear out or freeze. Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance and is unharmed by sun, moisture or temperatures from -50 to +200 degrees F.

Quality You Can Feel Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto the aluminum support beams allow the RetraxONE truck bed cover to retract or close effortlessly without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism - no moving parts to jam, freeze or fail. The compact storage canister, approximately 11 inches squared, contains a unique spiral track system that prevents the truck bed cover from coming into contact with itself as it opens or closes.

Solid Dependability Tempered aluminum support beams embedded into the polycarbonate sheet add strength to support heavy snow loads and ensure quiet, stable travel at any speed. In fact, the rigid design of the Retrax™ truck bed cover improves the aerodynamics of your pickup so much that it can improve your fuel economy by as much as 10%!

RetraxONE Features & Benefits:

- One Piece Polycarbonate Construction
- Front Cover Remains Flush With Rolling Cover
- Low Profile Design
- Opens and Closes Easily With One Hand
- Sealed Ball-Bearing Roller Design
- No Pull Straps, Velcro, Snaps or Springs
- Clamp-on Design
- Key Lockable In Any Position
- Secures Your Valuable Cargo
- Unlimited Hauling Flexibility
- Strong Enough To Stand On
- UV Protected
- No Fading
- No Maintenance
- Great For 5th Wheel Towing
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Improves Mileage By Up To 10%

Click to download a PDF of the RetraxONE Application Guide

Click to download a PDF of the RetraxONE Stake Pocket Cut Out Application Guide


The RetraxPRO represents the powerful, durable, incredible evolution of retractable bed covers

Rugged Aluminum Construction RetraxPRO bed covers have the same great benefits as the RetraxONE but are made with industrial strength aluminum, giving them the strength to support distributed loads of more than 500 pounds!

The Industry's Best Warranty The RetraxPRO features a limited lifetime warranty, meaning you'll never have to worry about your bed cover once you have it installed.

Sealed-For-Life Bearings Mean Smooth, One-Handed Operation Sealed ball-bearing rollers are mounted onto each section. This allows the retractable cover to open and close easily with one hand, without the need for pull straps, Velcro, snaps or springs. Ball-bearings provide smooth operation, preventing the cover from binding when opening or closing.

Patented System Stays Flush Open Or Closed Our patented low-profile design is always flush, enhancing the integrity of your truck's style rather than overcoming it. Your cover will seal tight and look good. Unlike soft covers that bulk up when rolled, the flush front cover streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal that keeps out the elements and helps keep the bed dry.

Locks In Any Position The RetraxPRO cover can be latched or key locked in any position. This allows for unlimited flexibility in hauling almost any object, and the secure Dual Latch Locking System provides protection unlike any other cover.

RetraxPRO Features & Benefits:

- Industrial Strength Aluminum Construction
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Supports distributed loads of up to 500+ lbs
- Front Cover Remains Flush With Rolling Cover
- Low Profile Design
- Opens and Closes Easily With One Hand
- Sealed Ball-Bearing Roller Design
- No Pull Straps, Velcro, Snaps or Springs
- Clamp-on Design - Key Lockable In Any Position
- Secures Your Valuable Cargo
- Unlimited Hauling Flexibility
- UV Protected
- No Fading
- No Maintenance
- Great For 5th Wheel Towing
- Improves Mileage By Up To 10%



100% Aluminium Flat Paneled and Frame Surfaces!

The BakFlip G2 hard folding aluminium tonneau covers are the best selling hard truck bed covers in the world. When it comes to a reliable hard folding tonneau, the BakFlip G2 has certainly earned its stripes. If you're looking for a tonneau cover that is secure, good looking, low profile, easy to install, easy to operate and as functional as you could ever wish a tonneau cover to be, then the BakFlip G2 is likely your best bet. The BakFlip G2 truck bed cover is a well priced, incredibly well designed tonneau. It is tough as nails and designed to outlast your truck. The undersurface of the BakFlip G2 cover is made from tough, powder coated aluminium. All critical components are attached to the solid aluminium undersurface of the BakFlip G2 tonneau for awesome strength and longterm reliability. The BakFlip G2 will never expand or contract and provides outstanding protection against the elements, regardless of how hot or cold it is. The EPDM rubber trim on the BakFlip G2 is also designed to last a lifetime. The BakFlip G2 tonneau cover is the world's best selling hard folding tonneau cover. When it comes to installation, the BakFlip G2 simply clamps onto the truck bed with no drilling. Its custom fit follows the contours of your truck for a finished look that is elegant, understated and refined. But don't be fooled by the stealth, subtle appearance of the BakFlip G2. This tonneau cover is a monster of a cover that will certainly exceed your expectations on all fronts.


The BakFlip VP is the newest hard folding tonneau cover to the BakFlip family. While the BakFlip VP has a more modest price-point than its siblings, don't be fooled by what this incredible tonneau cover brings to the fore. The BakFlip VP is actually an all aluminum tonneau cover (both top and bottom surfaces), but covering the top aluminum surface, is an incredibly rugged DURABAK vinyl. The combination of a the vinyl covered aluminum makes this tonneau cover the strongest, most impact resistant folding tonneau cover on the market. You won't scuff or ding the BakFlip VP, and can really put it through the ringer and expect it to come out looking great on the other side. In addition to the super robust nature of the BakFlip VP top surface, one thing that will jump out at you is the fact that this folding truck bed cover has no visible hinges at all. In fact, the BakFlip VP sports a super clean, homogenous, one piece look and feel to it that is really first class. The VP is amazingly aerodynamic and without question, the most water-tight folding tonneau cover in the industry too. The BakFlip VP performs outstandingly well when it comes to snow, rain, ice and hail. It does equally as well in hot climates too. The Vinyl cover on the BakFlip VP also ensures that the tonneau cover remains cooler to the touch than aluminum and even fiberglass. The BakFlip VP also offers full access to the truck bed. It operates easily from either side of the truck and is actually a little lighter than all other BakFlips, because it sheds the weight of the necessary aluminum framing on the rest of the BakFlip family. The BakFlip VP has an excellent price point and is a fantastic tonneau cover on all levels. It also works with accessories like the BAKBOX, the BAKFLIP CS Rack system, as well as tie downs, bed rails, bed liners, bed extenders and most any other stake pocket mounted accessory. The BakFlip VP is made in the USA and uses components only sourced and supplied in the USA. It is the most current folding tonneau cover to hit the market and makes use of 25 years of experience in building better tonneau covers. If you're in the market for a soft tonneau cover to allow full access to your truck bed, but want the advantage of a rugged, secure, strong tonneau cover, the the BakFlip VP is the ultimate tonneau cover for you!

Technical Specifications

Panel Exterior: Vinyl
PanelCore: EPS - 2 lb.
Underside: Aluminum
Panel Frames: Frameless
Finish: Textured Black
Thickness: 1/2 inch

Exterior skin thickness: 100 mil UV Resistant/Automotive Grade Vinyl
Side seals: EPDM rubber


Hard Folding Tonneau Covers - BAKFlip Fibermax
The BakFlip FiberMax is essentially a cross between our popular BakFlip G2 tonneau cover and our flagship model, the BakFlip F1. The FiberMax, while lacking some of the refinement of the F1, makes use of all the features of the BakFlip G2, from its tough aluminium substructure, to its robust EPDM hinge design to its functional and well built slam latch system. All features of the BakFlip FiberMax mirror those of the BakFlip G2. The only difference is that the top surface of the FiberMax is made from an impact resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), rather than aluminium. This difference appeals to people that live in areas that are subject to heavy snowfalls as well as hail. In addition, if you're the kind of person that is particularly heavy on your truck, the FiberMax will probably appeal to you. The BakFlip Fibermax is a hard folding tonneau cover that is most definitely a work horse. It has built in cab protection, is operable from either side of the truck, is equipped with slump latches under all panels and has a sleek, contemporary design. Every single last component of the BakFlip FiberMax is made in the USA. It is truly an awesome tonneau cover, that delivers everything you need, without breaking the bank. The BakFlip FiberMax is also designed to work with the BAKBOX, the CS rack system and allows full access to stake pockets.

Panel exterior: Aluminum underside Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) top
Panel core: EPS (insulated) 2lb.
Panel frames: Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat
Finish: Hair cell texture
Thickness: 1/2 inch (OD)
Hinge: Flush style corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating: 400 LBS. - evenly distributed
Size of box: 68x23x8 (inches)
Weight of box: 55 LBS
Install tools: 1 x 15mm wrench
Maintenance: Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.
Warranty: 2 years


Titanium: Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

TruXedo Titanium: Operation

Titanium: Features

Fast and Simple Installation
Installation is fast, with no drilling or special tools required.

Ultimate Security
Simply close your cover and lock your tailgate to secure your cargo.

Durable and Solid
Strong, lightweight aluminum slats provide a 400 pound load rating. and UV-resistant, leather-grain vinyl offers protection from the elements.

Easy Operation
Open cover from either side, and simply roll the cover back towards the cab to open. No lifting required.

Sophisticated style and a sleek, low-profile design make the Titanium a perfect complement to any truck.

Integrated Slat Caps
Slat caps offer a cool-to-the-touch operating point when cover is hot, and provide a finished professional look.


TruXedo Lo Pro QT®: #1 Selling Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


TruXedo Lo Pro QT®: Features

Sleek, Low Profile Appearance
Installs in minutes with pre-assembled, quick attach cover system. Bows conveniently roll up within cover for easy storage.
Mounts on the inside of the bed for a sleek appearance on any truck.
Easy Installation & Use

Automatic Tension Control
Patented spring tensioner self-adjusts to keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures. Great looks in any climate!

Free-Floating Hook & Loop System
Industrial strength hook and loop moves on the rail and works with the tension control system to keep the cover tight, while reducing wear and tear.

Easy Trigger Latch
One finger release opens quickly and easily. Exclusive Side & Corner Sealing
Keeps elements out of truck bed to protect cargo.

Customize A TruXedo Lo Pro QT To Fit Any Lifestyle!

Available colors

Navy Blue
Charcoal Grey
Light Grey


TruXedo® Deuce: Features

truxedo deuce

Dual Front Latching System:
Quick-release latching system on the 30-inch wide front panel makes bed entry convenient from both driver and passenger sides of truck.

Easy-to-Install & Remove:
Pre-assembled, quick attach cover system and no-drill clamps make installation time less than 20 minutes.

Low-Profile Design:
Mounted inside the rail, sits lower than 3/4" above truck bed. Improves the appearance of any truck.

Tough & Ready:
The new Deuce stands up to real-life conditions and still maintains clean good looks.

Tension Control:
Rear-mounted controls self-adjusts to keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures.

TruXedo Edge®: Features


Aerodynamic Cover Design:
Distinct arched tailgate design with a stylish look that improves the appearance of any truck.

Simple Installation:
Edge installs in less than 20 minutes with no-drill, easy to attach clamps.

Easy Open And Close:
Simply open the tailgate and release the quick latch. To close, rotate the cover into the latch assembly and press closed.

Full Truck Bed Usage:
Side rails mount along the inside of the bed and work with most accessories. Stake hold pockets are still available for maximum versatility.

Adjustable Tension Control:
No tools - Cover adjusts in seconds for a snug fit in any climate.

TruXport®: Features


Great Looks:
Straight bows roll up with the cover and provide a smooth, flat look when closed.

Works Great In All Climates:
Industrial strength hook and loop system provides continuous contact between the rails and cover. Easy to fasten even in freezing temperatures.
Fast Installation:
Easy, no-drill clamps allow for a simple installation in less than 20 minutes.

Quick One-Person Operation:
No loose parts - Cover completely rolls up and self stores in seconds.

Pre-Set Tension Control:
Tension control is conveniently integrated within the latching system to keep the cover tight in any climate.