Nothing Beats A Real Rhino

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Rockers video from rust to liner
Is your chipper or other large equipment looking a little tired? Rhino Lining can refresh the look of your machines and help protect them from dents, dings, and scratches.
We do rockers on your truck, or car, or van, we like to say we do it all.
Rhino Lining the hull of your boat can provide extra protection without adding a lot of extra weight. Ask us about Lining interiors and canoes as well.
Boat Hull
Farm equipment can take a beating. Help prolong its life with Rhino Linings
Farm Equipment
We spray interiors and exteriors of all types of trailers. Deck, enclosed, even dump trailers can all benefit whether they are new or used.
Flatbed Trailer
The classic Rhino Lined box is our standard product. Offered in two thicknesses.
Zamboni also know has the Ice Resurfacing (Sorry no picture at the moment)
Our Rhino Lined box liners come with a full nation wide warranty against cracking, peeling, and blistering.
Factory Finish
Is your tailgate getting chipped from hauling trailers or lots of gravel roads? Don't want it to?
We can clean it up and colour match the Rhino over the full area or just wrap the
bottom where you need that extra layer.
Bumpers, grills, and grill guards are all great candidates for Rhino. Parts do not need to be new. Colour available
Rocker panels and cab corners can rust out on your truck. We can replace these and Rhino Line the area.
Rocker panels and wheel flares
This truck needed rocker panels and they decided to get the wheel flares also.

Rocker panels up to bodyline
We also offer spray foam insulation for trailers and automotive interiors.
Call for more information.

Every job we do is a little different, as every truck is different and the wants and needs of every customer is different.

Pricing is basic pricing and can change depending on condition of the vehicle.
Steps in an Apartment Building
Getting a New Surface of Rhino Linings

What about doing Rhino on your camper trailer.

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